Dear Ambitious Woman, this ones for YOU

Dear Ambitious woman, please understand. Your desires are not for no reason.

Never stop becoming, there is no “there”, it is a hoax. You will never arrive. Not anywhere besides your comfort zone of course. 

For the ambitious woman, there is never quite enough, but we probably always have an end goal in mind, a destination, somewhere we would like to arrive, but there is never enough, we are ever ambitious, its in our blood, for the ambitious woman it is in the chase, and in the game, where we become alive. We have probably realized that the whole of life, its just a game, and we know how to play. We know all the cheat codes, like mind set, support, faith, manifestation, courage, we know that there is no get out of jail free card, no pass go and collect 200$. We do not look for the easy way out. Its work, its a long spiraling road, its messy, its inspired, its taking action before you are ready, it trusting your desires are not for no reason, its putting all your faith in the highest version of yourself. We know that fear is a tool, and its there for a reason, it will probably never go away, so instead of running from fear, you date fear, you ask him out, you get to know him, ask him to dance with you, you know that in the face of fear is your chance to rise to your next level. You know the things that scare you the most will also set you wildly free, unlike anything you can imagine. You see, fear is a tool, and you can learn how to use it to your advantage, you can let it totally test your faith time and time again, you can use it to build your courage muscle. You can practice saying yes when your brain is screaming NO. When your intuition is whispering to you, yes, yes YOU. Right now. Trust me. Trust you. And maybe one day, you will learn to love that dance, you will let that dance excite you because you know after the song ends, the dance is over, you will have reached your next level. And that, my babes, is what the ambitious woman lives for.

 You will always find the way out, you create it, there is no plan B, you work it until it works, because for you there is no other option, as far down and out as you get you cant seem to completely let go, you always find your way back. And sister, it is not for no reason, please understand this more than anything else. Your desires are not for no reason. You are allowed all the desires, feel all the feels, and live a truly incredible life, beyond any dreams you could have dreamt. Please stop holding back. Just say YES.


- Lily Belle 


Sounds great right ? But HOW ? You want to live your dream life, you want to know what that looks like, and I have some simple actionable steps for you! 

Well, first things first, know you are worthy. You are allowed. There is enough awesome for you too. 

Okay so, want to know my 3 super powers ? 

  • Starting before I am ready. Going for the shit that scares the fuck out of me. 
  • Listening to my intuition and creating stillness in my life.
  • Manifestation, visualization. Law of Attraction. 


So let me expand upon those things.

  1. starting before i am ready, like this blog for instance, writing is probably one of the things I consider myself the worst at.. im just not one of those wordy people who come up with all those creative sayings and things and i cant spell to save my life. but why do i think i need to be ? Usually almost every blog i fight with it all the way through, hate it until the end, takes me days to get it where i want it. But i start, i get it done, and i hit post even though i know its not perfect. Even though i still have little fear grimlins that say what if people judge you or think its silly. What i know more than that is that there are people who need this message and that is why i feel called to write it. If theres something you say you need to do before you cant start, its probably truly an excuse. That thing that scares the fuck out of you.. probably the thing that you need the most. Pay attention to what scares you and why you are holding resistance. Leading me to point #2
  2. Creating stillness to be more intune with your intuition. This can honestly look like many different things and i totally encourage you to find what works for you but for me this looks like getting outside every day, even if its only for 20 minutes, to run, walk, stretch.. Also trying to meditate daily for 5 minutes (working my way up!) Not great at sitting still.. ha. Can you relate ? But 5 minutes is all it takes. Then we have journaling, a super powerful tool. Journaling or free writing when you wake up for before bed to get all those thoughts and things out of your head and clear some space. Leading me to #3
  3. Manifestation, Visualization. Manifestation has changed the game for me, ill try to keep it short. Get in alignment with the vibration of what you desire. If you want consistent 3k months in your business, get in alignment with the version of you that already has that. What does that person do each day ? Get clear! Visualize yourself doing that, feel what it feels like to be that person, and have immense gratitude for the fact that it has already happened. Take the steps that version of you would take. Be actionable, and open to receive. This can work with anything you desire, but i used an example that i relate too. 

And if you dont even know what your dream life would look like ? 

Journal around this topic : In an ideal world, where you could have exactly what you want in your life, what would it look like ? How much money would you make ? How would you make that money ? What would you do with it ? What would your daily routine consist of ? What would you spend your free time doing ? What would your friends be like ? // this can be way different from your life now or it can be just a little different, maybe a new job, living in a new area, a raise at work, your side hustle taking off. whatever it may be. 

What is one practical thing you can do each day to move forward in that direction?

What is one energetic thing you can do each day to move forward in that direction?

( That is an exercise i found through one of my mentors and use it often to find clarity within my path ) I hope it helps you too! xxx

much love babes - Lily Belle. 

Message me if you would ever like to talk more about anything mentioned here or anything really, I really love to connect with the ladies who view my work an get to know a bit about you gals! xx




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