Exposing the feminine roots thats run wild through TMV.

Creating this brand has profoundly changed my life..
In all the ways I NEVER expected.. especially leading me to embodying my own feminine power.. didnt see that coming! 
Ill start by saying, before this brand I openly and outwardly hated the color pink, thought twerking was for twats, and “listening to your body” was for whimpy ass b*tches, tbh. #callingmyselfout boy did I have it ALL wrong.
I began to notice change when I rebranded in all hot pink. 🤣 I remember being like.. “omg what if this pink/woman shit is a phase and I just made all my branding that color?” 👀 
Totally. Not. A. Phase.
.. it was, a calling. A claiming.
To return home to my truth, which I’m learning more and more is so deeply rooted in being a woman. Maybe for some that’s duh.. but I never really knew what it meant.. to be a woman. 
Are we really taught that? 
.. Algebra? I was great at algebra. 
Probably better about bragging about how it was so easy for me.. 🤷‍♀️🤣 
but being a woman? Whaa...? 😳 
thoroughly confused, thoroughly did not get it, thoroughly does NOT come easy to me. Being a woman not coming easy to a woman? It feels as confusing as it sounds... 
Woman are Electric. Mysterious. Depthful. Magnetic. Sensual. Alive. Provocative. Truth seekers. Alchemists. Feelers. Intuitive. Woman are fking magic and it’s our natural birthright. And empowered woman.. empowered woman change the fucking world. #cutebutalsofacts
But.. We aren’t taught that we are all those down right epic things. And I for sure didn’t feel those things. And if I did, I doubt I would have told anybody. Who just walks around claiming their power and magnificence..? 
Not woman. Usually not our moms. The woman we look up to most. It’s common for most women to have generation trauma in the bloodlines of the woman in their family. Were not always born into this world with a solid female role model. Alot of women have trouble even receiving a compliment, let alone claiming their magic to the world. 
We are taught we are too much. Or not enough. We are taught to ask for permission. And to be available to help. To seek validation. To be good little girls. To please others above ourselves, and to be happy doing so. 


So how the hell are we suppose to come out this thing a winner ?
(What if we did just walk around and claim our brilliance and our magic to the world..?)
This brand has been a journey towards discovering & uncovering the woman I am, and creating her. And then claiming her for the entire world to see. #queenenergy 

It’s looked like.. 
🛍 Exploring the provocative bold sexy side of me through fashion, styling & photography. The part that wants to make a statement and be seen. But was scared to do so. 
👑 Letting the queen out through trusting my vision & creating it. The part that knows damn well what she wants and is out here taking that shit waiting for no one & no thing. 
💋 Allowing the feminine part of me who honors and works with the rhythms and cycles of my body & intuitive nature to take the lead when I need to.. a healthy balance of masculine and feminine energy. Instead of thinking that shits for whimps and having more coffee 🤣 #themoreyouknow 
🎨 Exploring the innate creatrix inside me, the flow of creative energy within me and learning how to weild that as my super power in this life, this biz has provided a constant fuel to that fire. 
&& SO much more. 
Whatever it looked like for me ... Experiencing all these parts of myself have consumed me in the best ways and Now I’m hungry to cycle that energy back into and through my artwork and the energy of my brand to spread and inspire as many conscious heart centered queens as possible to show up as just that, the version of you who knows she’s a fucking queen. 
I hope my clothing can be a tool of conscious embodiment honestly. That is the true vibe. I want to give you pieces that truly invoke your inner queen and allow you to fully feel into her, see yourself as her. A way to consciously step into, call in, and claim your next level expression in the physical plane. A way to claim your expansion. And motherfucking own it. 
Fashion has always been that for me. It’s taken me years to understand fully what was happening. What I was doing. Fashion has always been a tool for me. But now I understand exactly what I’m doing and I want to share it. I have to. Alchemy. 
I believe everything has a highest and lowest expression, fashion can be surface level and materialistic sure if you choose to experience it that way. 
But it can also be alchemical magic. It can be ritual. It can be intentional. It can be self love. It can be expansion. If you choose to experience it that way. 
Perception and intention have the power to rock your world. 
Fashion and expression through style has become a deep part of integrating into who I am more deeply.
Fashion is Alchemical Magic. Empowered Woman will change the world. These are both true statements.
Empowered women in aligned fashion claiming their expression for the world to see.. Next. Fucking. Level. && Exactly what I hope for you. 
✌️ that is all. That is my international women’s day message. This brand runs so deep. Its an energy. An energy I’m still learning how to materialize and communicate day by day. I’ve been wanting to touch on this for awhile now and today is the perfect day for the words to have finally come to me. 
Thanks for reading, I hope this could give you a deeper look into why TMV is all about empowered AF Queen energy. It ain’t a phase, or a trend, it’s a way of being here and embodied in the work I create and I hope you feel it when wearing TMV💋⚡️

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