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Here I am! Im Lily, also known as Lily Belle. I am the creative visionary and sole seamstress and designer behind everything The Modern Vagabond. I make your clothes, Hi! I have big plans for this brand, and I am SO happy and grateful you have found yourself here. Wether your a long term follower and friend, or you've just stumbled across my page! Welcome, welcome.. I figure what better way to start my Fashion At Odds blog other than a good ole introduction! Authenticity is definitely a core value in my brand and so id love for you to know a little bit more about me, my story, and what my vision/mission is.

Heres the story, Im 21, born and raised in South Florida. Ive done some epic traveling here and there, starting with dropping out of high school, getting a van with my boyfriend at the time, and leaving on a quest of wanderlust and adventure. Ive since traveled to amazing places like Costa Rica, Mexico, and all up and down the United State. But ultimately Ive decided to slow all that down, because I can no longer resist the absolute burning passion and desire i have for all things fashion and inspiration. I know my mission is big, so Ive decided to slow down my wandering, and dive deeper into my soul purpose. Its exploding through all my pores so here i am. I didn't know all my life that I would get into fashion, style and clothes was always so naturally right under my nose that I don't think I really thought much of it. Then i started to play around here and there, and getting some really awesome feedback, and even making some extra money with it! Ive had an online shop since i was 16 and I've always had an entrepreneur spirit, I knew by junior year college was NOT for me, i really had no idea what WAS for me (how could i? so silly to be expected to have it all figured out so young before you've even lived) anyway, another story for another day. I just always knew i would figure it out, i never really cared, my zest for life was to strong to worry about that, I was a little nervous to drop out of high school, but that didn't matter much either cause Im also super impulsive and i just did it, but i was just ready to LIVE already! so there i went. 


Recently my mission and vision with my brand has become so clear, so strong, and so powerful. So much bigger than myself, that Im ready to completely go all in. Theres many things I wish to do, and it all becomes clearer by the day. To start, obviously, being a voice in the sustainable fashion industry is obviously important to me. I know i have a unique voice. and I want to bring sustainable fashion to unique places, i want to help make sustainable fashion  "mainstream" per say.. by that I guess I mean something that resonates with a larger audience outside of the earthy market who most likely already knows about sustainable fashion, and probably supports where they can, i want to spread it a bit wider to people who may not have any clue what sustainable fashion is all about. I feel like I can do that with my brand and vision. I want to draw poeple in for all sorts of reason.. stye, sustainability, fashion, inspiration..  and then discover deeper understanding of fashion, the industry and and why its so important now more than ever to be more conscious with our decisions of what we buy, who we buy it from, and WHY we buy it. To pull back fashion and clothing from the instant gratification selling point and really bring it back to making mindful investments in yourself, your body, and your energy.


So thats a peak inside my mission on a large scale. But I also wish to create more personal and intimate connection within my brand, and my clients. I want to help you guys start a personal revolution within yourself, one of confidence, and self love. yeah, cheesey right ? well hear me out, Im here for YOU, Im here to make YOU feel good. It lights me up like nothing else to see a woman down right feeling herself cause her clothes fit, feel unique and her own, accentuate her body, and our comfortable, all while being sexy as hell, oh yeah, and did i mention good for your skin and the environment? Yeah, its a lifestyle y'all. Fashion is broken these days when it comes to fit and sizing, consumption, and overall projection of what fashion is or should be. That, will absolutely be a blog for another time. For now, lets just say, I gotchu girl. This is for you. I want to build a community of absolute rebel woman ready to be the boss of there own life, and own there style and with it there attitude. Girl Gang. To ripple out and inspire and ignite change. I believe it truly all starts with feeling good about yourself, and sometimes, beautiful high vibing clothing truly give you that extra bit of attitude to go out and own your day, to look in the mirror and say DAM I LOOK GOOD, and I FEEL GOOD. All to often women are broken down  because they think they need to look a certain way, and clothes dont fit or feel good and squeeze you in weird places. Im a size small.. but i can still vouch for the fact just the general fit of most mall and generic brand clothing is lame as hell and doesn't feel good. Anyway, here at The Modern Vagbond alot of effort and love and time goes into making sure that you look good, but most of all feel good. Then you keep clothes longer.. (win for sustainability, less waste) So it really truly is all full circle. 

As for this Blog, i really wish to bring incite to fashion, on a deep level. I want to take people on a journey of the truth of fashion, it all goes way deeper than the superficial level that alot of people believe it ends. Its so much more, its emotional, its expression, its a part of us and so powerful when used with intention. Style, Fashion, Expression, they all go hand in hand. Its truly such a beautiful tool that everyone utilizes in big or small ways and lends way to such beautiful self discovery. Its such an interesting multifaceted industry that goes way back. Most if not all cultures have used some sort of fashion statement to express themselves, all around the world, in all times, in such different ways unique to them. I want to start discussion, dive deeper, and spread all the positive and beautiful things about Fashion as its become such a powerful tool and outlet for me in my life. 

Anyway i really hope that could give you a little more incite into what Im doing here, my plans, i hope you feel like you know me a bit better, Im your friend! Find me on instagram and let me know what you think, what you wish was better, what you want to see out of fashion and clothing.. lets chat. Forever with love and gratitude, here I am. Thank you so much for being here, and I hope you feel at home!

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