Rebel Woman, Collection process and inspiration

Lets see, where to begin.. 

In May of this year, which now seems like forever ago, I decided I would move my business, and myself to Playa del Carmen Mexico, to live with my boyfriend, an amazing circus performer local to the area I had met the previous year at Oregon Eclipse Festival. It all sounded like a dream. I worked right up until the last minute then quickly packed the bare minimum of my studio necessities and 30 lbs of organic fabric into a huge bag, threw in some clothes and probably way too many shoes, and set off into this new chapter of life.

During my time there I didn't have my sewing machines, so I sketched, and I sketched, soon I have the workings of the beginning of this collection, now dubbed  "Rebel Woman" my first ready to ship full size run collection, where previously I had just taken custom orders for specific designs, and working on a lot of upcycled hoodies. Discontinueing my beloved and best selling hoodies was a hard descion, being that it was pretty much my entire income, I was nearly broke, and moving to another country. But my soul was screaming at me that it was time, and i could no longer wait. I knew it was holding me back from so much potential. So i did a final round and said farewell to pursure new clothing ventures tottally different from my past work. 

Realizing that Mexico wasn't the best place for me to work (only because I was too impatient to figure out a new process, and just wanted to create) It was a hard realization, but I said a goodbye to my man and our cozy little apartment in beautiful Mexico after a little less than 2 months and flew back to Florida to bring all these ideas into reality. I was bursting at the seams and just had to start getting it all out. 

 I remember a specific moment while sitting on our red couch in our apartment at about sun down listening to Joan Jetts Crimson and Clover, I got super interested in her all the sudden, having known a bit about her story and her impact on music I wanted to know more and ended up reading a lot about her. Super inspired by her bad ass sexy vibe already, then to become even more enamored with her story of becoming such a pioneer in her industry and such a powerhouse woman and artist in general. Thats pretty much when i new i would continue to take alot of inspiration from powerhouse woman who have made an impact.

This quote from her really spoke to me

"Other people will call me a rebel, but I just feel like I'm living my life and doing what I want to do. Sometimes people call that rebellion, especially when you're a woman. "

I really get that, Sometimes just doing what you want to do and living your life is this crazy thing to a lot people, like your rebeling, like thats bad. A lot of times if you don't do exactly what every one else does, get a job and go to college, society and most peoples parents will look at them like they are messing up, doing it wrong. But truth is, thats a bunch of shit. There is no one right way if you ask me. This collection really made me dig deep, I wanted to embody a message that is super personal to me and one very relevant to my life lately, one of empowerment of women. I just want to make you feel something, Im putting my heart and soul out there with this collection and I hope you get it, I hope you feel it. That we as women are so much dam stronger when we are united when we are in our own power, we have so much to offer. So much to inspire and heal. Its so silly to feel in competition, like there is limited amount of success or beauty or love, anything that if another girl has it it means there is less for you. I challenge you to turn that belief into, if she can do it, so can i. If she's done it, if she has it, it means its possible, and I can too. Im guilty of it, when it seems like other people are selling out collections and i feel like when will it be my turn? Newsflash she's probably been doing it way longer than me and has worked for it. Its so silly, and strange, but its the way the cookie tends to crumble if we don't get a hold on our mind our thoughts and our perspective, and take control. I always do now, I go out of my way to support and encourage people even if they use to trigger me, I am so grateful for them showing me its been done and its possible.

As I went through the production process of this collection there were so many layers shed, while doing the physical work of sewing and designing the clothes I was also reading books that connected me deeper into the goddess history within us all, how powerful and impactful women have been throughout history, our true nature that we all carry. I was in a mastermind with 7 other passionate and driven woman and an a powerhouse coach who hosted it for 7 weeks. I knew this was necessary and exactly what I needed to embody this feeling and being of sisterhood and "girl power". I couldn't have been more right, I met the most amazing woman who are doing incredible things to better this world and the people in it, all ages from all over. Through the mastermind I really got deep with myself about who exactly I am talking to with this collection, what exactly I am trying to say. My point. You see, i love to make clothing, wear clothing, take pictures in clothing, but there was a feeling way deep inside me that kept nudging at me, its more, its more, dig deeper. Through this process I realized it really isn't about the clothing at all , funny right ? Its about the feeling. Its about the way you feel when you wear clothes. Thats my point. We can all agree when we have on a bangin ass outfit we feel like our best self am i right? And a bangin ass outfit is subject to every woman's different perspective. To what makes her personally FEEL good. Through my expression of putting my art out there and truly putting my authentic self, and not holding anything back, I can inspire woman. I can give woman permission, that if i can do it, so can you. It is safe to be fucking powerful, It is safe to unleash that force within you, and fully embody it. I swear to god, its there. Even if your thinking Hell No, not me. I want inspire you to feel some type of way about yourself. My mission is to be so authentic and unapologetic, you feel permission to be that too. Cause if I can, why cant you ?

I want to pursue my mission so loudly and so boldly that you cant help but want to find your voice too. Im not "there" , I don't have it all figured out, i'm still trying to figure out what my voice wants to say. But that doesn't mean shit to me anymore. Ive become totally okay with it, Im no longer waiting to be ready, to have enough money, to be "there". here is me. this is me right now and this is what i want to say. with my messy imperfect message. To whoever will listen, because I trust fully I will reach the woman who need to be in my presence, hear what i have to say, see what i am doing, creating. There really is no greater pleasure in this world to me than seeing a woman fucking own her power and her story, see a woman be unapologetically herself and vulnerable for the world to see, see a woman step into that place of her own power and realize the greatness has always been within her, that shines so brightly it makes you realize you have that place within you too. Maybe you haven't found it yet, maybe you haven't explored yourself enough, maybe you have no idea what the f Im talking about and this all sounds like a bunch of crazy woo woo. No matter the harsh judgement no matter the infinite praise, thats not the point, the point is for US. For her. For you. For me. For us to feel that power, fucking revel in that powerful, to use that power to light up this world to the next level. I believe we can literally do that just by getting to know ourselves, what lights us up in our soul, what makes you giddy, what pisses you off, what you stand for, its okay to be opinionated, its okay to be a strong woman, its okay to know what you want and not settle for less. its okay to dream so massively people think your crazy. Through getting to know yourself completely and with vulnerability and love, you will attract your tribe, your sisters who get it, get you. But first you have to let yourself in, get to know you. Thats what i hope you feel through this collection. Authentic sisterhood and the power of that, power of tribe. 

The process of physically making this collection was crazy,  so many insane ups, like in the clouds dance party, and some gnarly downs, like designing 5 or 6 solid days only to scrap the designs in the long run, and wonder if i actually suck at all this and was in way over my head. (more like the universe was like uh chic think again, you don't really want that piece in this collection, you can do better) some of the looks completely changed mid collection going from a bright yellow look to a pink and black 80s rock vibe inspired look due to some make it work moments(totally for the best), some spontaneous decisions there at the end (the girl power graffiti mini skirt was a last minute addition I got an idea of and had to throw in.) (You will see more of that, I have been wanting to paint my own print on organic fabrics for awhile!) I spent 2 days making 4 pair of my lost girl leggings only to get nearly finished and realized I had cut the bias the wrong way and they weren't as stretchy as they should be. I had to completely start over. And forgive myself for being an idiot and somehow making that mistake on 17$ a yard fabric! ha! Oh yeah, how'd I almost forget my studio completely flooding 3 days because of the hurricanes in south Florida on top of no air condition. Some designs came to me like straight from a dream, my new cargo pant design flowed out of me, and they turned out killer, no issues besides spending 4 hours trying to nail a cargo pocket, the prototype pair were nearly perfect, I was pretty shocked and not ashamed to say pretty proud of myself. That was an experience for sure, i usually have super clear detailed visions when i start designing but this one i had a fuzzy idea of what i wanted, but I more so just let it come to me working step by step, allowing me to incorporate new techniques I have recently picked up.

I got really deep with myself through the experience of creating this collection, searched all the dark corners of me for inspiration, gathered up every bit of motivation to keep me going when i thought there was none, I showed up for myself and I listened to my body when i needed to chill the fuck out, cry, or be in silence.  The lessons are endless. I literally feel like a new person, I know myself at a new level. Ive added another layer of confidence. I hope these clothes can inspire that journey within you. Find your rebel woman, let her out. 

Thanks for reading if your still here. I love talking and connecting with you all, so please do message me and tell me if this blog or this collection sparked something inside of you, if you feel what Im saying, if you feel like Im talking to you, whatever, lets connect! Tell me about yourself, your journey! Your fabulous. much love. Abundance. Bliss. Laughter. Life. xoxo



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