Sugar & Spice :5 Life Hacks for Luxe Lounging

Hey babes,

I wanted to write this blog cause if you've been around for awhile, you know I don't take making collections lightly. They are a whole entire vision, a story Im trying to tell. Its funny with all these big grandiose plans for designing winter items, I slowed my roll to first release this loungewear collection, let me tell you why, because for awhile, I thought basics were SO not my thing, and frankly quite boring. Then I got hit with inspiration one day, and just ran with it..

I said why does basics need to be boring, well ive always told myself they are. "Psh, you can shop that stuff anywhere" But guess what. Im not boring, im bold, and im fun, and im sensual, and my basics are too. Basics, dont need to infact be basic. With a bit of thought into styling and outfit pairing, pairing shapes, and playing with colors. Basics can be a whole lot of fun. 

I was sitting outside on a rainy day, thinking.. man i cant wait until the weather cools off and I can lounge out here with some coffee and super cozy clothing... then i thought.. what do i want to make myself.. and later knew, ofcourse I cant be the only one feeling this way. Sometimes its not about in your face designs, but what you do with the designs that can speak volumes. 

My intention with this collection, was to elevate your lounge experience and vibe all together with Lux loungewear. Literally the coziest clothes you've ever worn, and completely sustainable, and not to mention flattering and sexy. Im all about vibes, and Im so into FEELING high vibe, so of course Im all about how we can use fashion to elevate our daily experiences, and other simple pleasures as well. Id love to share some life hacks to lux living with you, and girlfriend, you can vibe on a budget. 

Simple pleasure for high vibes, glam feels, and luxe lounging. 

1) Scent!

- Wether that be perfume, or your fav essential oil, a beautiful lotion, put a spritz on after the shower or just when you feel you need it. Certain scents lift me up while others will totally relax me. I have essential oil rollers Ive used for this that have seriously lasted years! Invest a small bit in feeling high vibe, Ive gotten some for around $10 that are wonderful, handmade and organic. 

2) Candles!

- A total vibe setter, and they dont need to be expensive, just a scent you will enjoy. Candles tottally bring the cozy and warm energy. I love the cinnamon and holiday scents around this time.

3) Drinking your water/ kombucha etc, out of a wine glass or just your fav glass (find super cute ones at goodwills/thrifts)

4) Clothes!

- You knew that was coming, while id love to dress you in all my high vibe, sustainable, and flattering lounge wear. A simple robe thrifted from a goodwill or thrift shop will do the job, or a cozy sweater. Make sure to buy with intention, something that you know will make you FEEL high vibe and beautiful. Silks, florals, bamboo fleece anything, whatever floats your boat babe.

5) Last but not least, tunes!

- Music will always alter your mood so play that tune with intention girl! When Im really wanting to totally set the lounge vibe and treat myself, ill put on some frank Sinatra or jazz music! Do you fee me or are you totally rolling your eyes?! You must try it! Or whatever sets that vibe for you, but you get the point!

6) (Bonus for my extra AF ladies) Red lipstick. Lip Gloss. Who says you need to go out somewhere special to put on some red lipstick? Wear it grocery shopping, or lounging and reading. 

Overall, just ask yourself, what makes you FEEL good and high vibe? Find small ways to do it. What makes you excited? for me, thats my vendetta bodysuit, any fleece pants, holiday candles that crackle when they burn, white Christmas lights or general low lighting, hot tea / coffee, or wine depending on my mood. Maybe its a hot bath or extra long shower, it can be simple. But with intention it becomes powerful. Don't just take a bath, tell yourself how grateful you are for treating yourself to this bath, and maybe you intention like to relax, de stress etc. Trust me, it truly makes a difference in your experience. 

If you choose to shop this collection I hope your garments will signify giving back to yourself and choosing high vibe experiences, high vibe you. I hope it will remind you of the abundant queen inside you, the highest version of you. That she's right there inside you, you just have to choose her.

So, freaking choose her! What are you waiting for?


- Thanks for reading if you still here! DM me on instagram and tell me what you think about this post and if you have any other tips for vibing on a budget! Id love to know and share info, chat and get to know you guys better! xoxo


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