Your expression wants to kindly befriend you, let it.

Perfect is a LIE.

Right is a LIE.


What if you stopped expecting perfection? What if you allowed your expression to be enough?


What if you didn’t hold yourself to the standard of having to have it all figured out?


What if you allowed what is?

WHO is?

What if you gave yourself massive grace and love, to just BE.. imperfect, awkward, misunderstood, wrong, mad, sexual, In exactly the way that’s coming through, right now. What if you just surrendered, to the real you?

What would she teach you?







Table manners, non exsistant.

Good girl act, fuck that.

Being for everyone? Not a chance in hell.


You feel the need to conform, upgrade, perfect, control.. because deep down your running from your true self. Your making your true expression, not enough.


You expect way to much. Your expectations are illusions and will never be real. You’ll never always have the right answers. You’ll never always please everyone. Not everyone will always understand you. You won’t be perfect is every situation. You will make mistakes.


Your true self is innocently trying to befriend you, to teach you, to guide you.


But you slay her before she has the chance. Shame her, guilt her, turn her off. Shut her down.


What if you let her out to play? Just as an experiment. You might learn a thing or two.


Your *expression* is here to TEACH YOU. Allow you to truly meet yourself. It’s between you and the stars your made up of. Nobody else.


It’s purpose isn’t to impress your friends, get you followers on IG, or make all the boys notice you.


The purpose of your expression is not to be perfect, it will have nothing to teach you, nowhere to guide you, if it was.


What is perfect anyway? Perfect says who?


Let’s redefine “perfect”, take away the societal standards and replace it with “what is”


Because what is, here and now, is the only thing that’s perfect. And we don’t get to control it.


Everything society says perfect is, is an illusion.


Your expression is perfect, your quirks are perfect, your mistakes are perfect, your ignorance is perfect. It’s all perfect. Already.


So stop trying to keep up. Stop playing pretend. Stop running away. And come back to your heart. Your truth. You. Raw. Real. Unfiltered.


Your expression.


Come home to her.


Meet the real you that’s coming through. Have you ever? Made it okay.. just to be exactly the way you were? Do you wonder what it would feel like to embrace that?


Our expression has been policed since we were born on this earth

First by our care takers, then society, and ourselves.


It’s time to let ourselves free.

Who is the version of you, who is free?


Who is she right now?

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