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Email :

Contact me directly at for any questions or inquires about future/current orders. When DM'ing me about orders, you will be redirected to my email. 

FAQs :

 *What kind of Fabric/Dye do I use -

I source quality certified organic bamboo textile blends for the making of all my garments. All blacks are pre dyed solid black, all colors are hand dyed by me using fiber reactive eco friendly dyes. Dye patterns and hues very slightly with each dye bath as they are dyed by hand in small batchs or one by one. 

* How do I wash my Modern Vagabond garment?

I love durable garments that are easy to take care of. So that is what I strive for when making my clothing. Feel free to throw it in with your clothes on a normal wash and dry cycle, I do! Hand washing and hang drying will ofcourse preserve the garment more but it is not necessary. Up to you :)

* What if I damage my garment? 

No worries! Part of my stand on sustainable fashion is creating long lasting items, investments to love for years. if you tear your clothing or get a gnarly stain, just shoot me a email! I would love help you out, wether that be a restitch, a patch, a re-dye. We can figure something out! Free of cost as long as its a simple fix, for more involved requests there may a adjustment fee. Shoot me an email at and we can access the situation! 

* Do you accept payment plans?

AfterPay is available at checkout for payment plan options. I do not take manual payment plans. 

* Do you accept Custom Orders?

I do not take custom orders at this time.