FAQs :

 What is Made to Order ? 

Made to order means we make clothing based on your preferences. Choose a design from our catalogues, select your size and color, and we'll create it just for you!


What is Ready To Ship ? -

All our current stock that is available for purchase. These items are ready to be shipped in 3-5 business days, unless ordered with Made to Order pieces. Email us for urgent shipping!

* What kind of Fabric/Dye do we use? -

We source quality OTEX certified organic bamboo textile blends for all our garments. All blacks are pre dyed solid black, all colors are hand dyed in our studio using non toxic fiber reactive dyes. Dye patterns and hues very slightly with each dye bath as they are dyed by hand in small batchs or one by one. 

* How do I wash my Modern Vagabond garment?

We strive to make durable, low-maintenance garments. Feel free to wash and dry them with your regular load. Hand washing and hang drying will preserve the garment more, but it's not necessary. Avoid mixing dark and light colors for the first few washes to prevent dye bleeding.

* What if I damage my garment? 

If you need help with a tear or stain, just email us! We're happy to assist with restitches, patches, and redyes. Simple fixes are free, but there may be a fee for more involved requests. Contact us at modernvagabondclothing@yahoo.com.

* Do you accept payment plans?

AfterPay, Shop Pay Installments, etc. is available at checkout for payment plan options. 

* Do you accept Custom Orders? Will you create my design idea?

We do not take custom orders or alter our designs at this time.